The Can-Am Maverick X3 is a 3 cylinder turbocharged UTV.  However, stand next to one then look at the price tag, you will agree to say its a car!  The 2017 Can-Am makes 154 horsepower with its CVT belt driven transmission.  You go from 0-8000rpm really quick all the way to 80mph!  These vehicles have become extremely popular in the aftermarket world.  Vivid Racing has jumped on board as enthusiasts to offer incredible performance parts and tuning on our UTV section here.  To separate ourselves from the competition, we have worked with our tuning hardware partner, Frieling Racing, to develop the only tool which can flash a tuned and stock file via the diagnostic port without requiring some sort of credits or licenses.  This is the same incredible tool that we use to flash other vehicles from Porsche to BMW, Audi, and more! Our customer wanted more horsepower from his X3 RS Turbo and decided that the VR Tuned and our iFlash system was the convenient way to go.  All that is required is a Windows based laptop and our cable to do the upgrade.  After following the instructions here, he got a dyno proven, competitor eating, reliable ECU Tune in just 3 minutes that generates 20 more horsepower.  Of course you do not need to carry your laptop around, but for example sake and a great photo opportunity, he did just that!  The VR Tuned flash raises the rev limiter, removes the speed limiter, increases boost pressure, gives you better throttle response, adjusts fuel and timing, and provides at no charge a damn big smile! Check out more info on our Can-Am X3 RS Turbo ECU Tune Here. luke-pierce-2 luke-pierce-3 luke-pierce-4 luke-pierce-5 luke-pierce-6 luke-pierce-7

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