The M2 represents what the M3 once was: a small, sporty, driver’s car which offered an engaging driving experience. With a ton of power and fantastic suspension, all wrapped up in a tiny body, the M2 is a true driver’s car. Although the M2 uses a very similar engine to the M3/M4, it’s down on power compared to those cars. Luckily, the turbocharged nature of the N55 makes it easy to increase power and even outperform the larger M3/M4.

Through the magic of ECU tuning, boost, air/fuel ratio, and ignition timing can all be modified for the better. With our VR Tuned ECU flash, the F87 M2 sees an increase of +38hp on a Stage 1 file and +58 on our Stage 2 file. The small turbocharger of the N55 produces a ton of low end torque, with gains of up to +71 lb-ft after the tune is installed. These gains put the M2 in a whole new category.

Many BMW F-Series tuning solutions on the market require your ECU to be shipped in to the tuner so it can be opened and the tune installed on a flash bench. With our VR Tuned flash, you can order an optional tuning cable and install the tune yourself, in the comfort of your own garage. With our tuning cable you can also easily and quickly flash back to stock if needed.

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