This customers Porsche 996TT Tiptronic with Tial A28 turbos came to Vivid Racing for some work.  The car was equipped with a full Agency Power exhaust system, Agency Power YPipe, Agency Power Intercoolers, and Agency Power TB/Plenum.  It was also running a Greddy EBC and 60lb injectors.

With the car strapped down to our Mustang AWD Dyno, it had a full tank of 93octane and a base file. We ran the car out and datalogged it.  After 3 different datalogs we made 1 revision to the file and got More power! We wanted to increase midrange and top end power as to much torque on the tip would make it slip. So going through all the tables for that RPM range, we created the final map. We ran the car out and got 532awhp and 563ft/lbs of torque. With only 88miles left in the tank, we dumped in a 5 gallon drum of VP MS109 octane. Cranked up the boost to run 1.6bar and we got some good additional gains. The cars top numbers were 571awhp and 632ft/lbs of torque. On a tip, this is really the max as we could feel the tranny did not want to stay together with that much torque. By Mustang standards this is over 700hp and 750ft/lbs at the crank.

Mod List:
Agency Power Exhaust – Agency Power Exhaust System Porsche 996TT 01-05
Agency Power Headers – Agency Power Headers Porsche 996TT 01-05
Agency Power TB/Plenum – Agency Power Race Plenum and Throttle Body Porsche 996 Turbo 01-05
Agency Power High Flow YPipe – Agency Power High Flow 3inch Y-Pipe Kit Porsche 996 TT/GT2 01-05
Agency Power Intercoolers – Agency Power High Flow Racing Intercoolers Porsche 996TT 01-05
Tial Alpha A28 Turbos – Turbo Kits | Turbo Upgrade Kits | Aftermarket Turbo Kits
Agency Power Prototype Intercooler Piping
Greddy EBC – Greddy Profec B Spec II Boost Controller Black
911 Tuning 60lb Injectors – Porsche 996 Turbo | GT2 – Fuel Injectors | Performance Fuel Injectors | Racing Injectors
VRTuned ECU Tuning – ECU Tuning | Chip Tuning | Electronic Control Unit | OCT Tuning
Bilstein PSS10 Coilovers – Racing Suspension Equipment | After Market Suspension | Performance Suspension
Tarret Front Drop Links – Racing Suspension Equipment | After Market Suspension | Performance Suspension
GT3 Front and Rear Sway Bars – Racing Suspension Equipment | After Market Suspension | Performance Suspension
Brockway R1000
Precision Porsche Strosek Style Rear Wing, GT2 Front Bumper, TA Style Side Skirts – Porsche 996 Turbo | GT2 – Precision Porsche Body Kits | | Visit Us Today!
Agency Power Roll Bar – Agency Power Race Roll Bar w/Harness and Diagonal Bar Porsche 996 997 Carrera GT

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