The Ford Focus ST is front-wheel-drive hot hatches on the market right now and is praised for being incredibly fun to drive. Ford’s use of very small turbochargers gives the Focus ST excellent throttle response and crazy amounts of low-end torque. A lot of people might think the Focus ST has plenty of power completely stock, but us car enthusiasts always want more. Luckily, getting more out of a Focus ST is pretty straightforward, as Ford left a decent amount of performance on the table with the OEM tune. Vivid Racing’s tuning division, VR Tuned, worked hard on developing a Focus ST tune that would increase low-end torque and high-end horsepower without sacrificing any reliability. With this tune you can expect power to increase from 252 horsepower to around 315 horsepower, and torque to increase from 270 ft-lbs to 340 ft-lbs. Of course, since Ford uses a tiny K03 turbo on the Focus ST, all that torque is available way down low in the RPM range. These gains will be even greater with additional bolt-on modifications, as the tune is self-learning and can take advantage of any other mods, such as a catback exhaust. Just recently a customer of ours purchased this tune and flashed their Focus ST at home. Customer response, “I love the tune!! When I was in the process of flashing the Focus ST ECU, I was a little scared because I’ve never done something like it before; all of my upgrades have been physical parts to bolt on. When it finished, and I fired it up for the first time with the new tune, all of that anxiety was immediately alleviated!! Without the resonator, the engine sounds beautiful, and it really opened up! And as for the driving… holy sh*t!! The tune did exactly what I wanted to the turbo (not use it so much down in lower RPMs), but all this to say that the tune is absolutely AMAZING!!! I tagged Vivid Racing on Instagram when I uploaded some pictures, and I’ll also attach them to this email as well. My Focus is a different animal now, and it sounds awesome! Thank you sooo much for creating an awesome tune! I just took it on a 250-mile road trip, and it performed flawlessly! It’s so enjoyable to drive now!” If you have any questions about the VR Tuned ECU Flash for Ford Focus ST, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached by phone at 1.480.966.3040 or via email at

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