In 2013, Audi created what I would consider the “gentleman’s muscle car”—the RS5 coupe. They took the 4.2L 450hp naturally aspirated V8 from the R8 and fit it into a comfortable two-door beast. Audi did a pretty good job squeezing power out of the 4.2L V8, but they left performance left on the table.

The performance that’s left on the table can be uncovered through ECU tuning for both the engine and transmission. With a VR Tuned ECU flash installed, power is increased from 450hp to 469hp and it greatly improves throttle response. With the optional cable kit, you can flash your ECU at home!

One of the awesome parts of the RS5 is the DSG transmission. Again, this is an area where Audi did a decent job with the tuning, but they left room for improvement. Our VR Tuned DSG flash is designed to decrease shift times, improve shift points, and improve overall acceleration.

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