For Porsche owners who want more performance than a base Carrera but something more street friendly than a GT3 or GT3RS, the Turbo model is the perfect solution. The 997 Turbo S, in particular, has a reputation for being an insanely fast street car. At 530 horsepower, it blows the doors off of most of the competition. As enthusiasts, we always want more, even for the 997 Turbo S. Luckily, Porsche left a lot of room for improvement in regards to the OEM tuning. With a slight increase in boost comes a massive bump in power, which is where our tuning division, VR Tuned, comes into play.

By flashing your ECU, you change the parameters the ECU tries to stay within. Our VR Tuned ECU flash modifies target boost, air/fuel ratios, ignition timing, throttle limiters, rev limiters, and much more. Most importantly, boost is increased and air/fuel ratio is optimizing. The result is an increase from 530 horsepower to 570 horsepower with a Stage 1 file. For those who want even more, our Stage 2 file cranks it up to 615 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque. Aside from the huge increase in power, throttle response and low-end power are greatly improved, making your 997 a ton of fun on the street.

  • Stock Power – 530HP | 510lb-ft
  • Stage 1 Power – 570HP | 583lb-ft
  • Stage 2 Power – 615HP | 590lb-ft

Ready to flash your 997 Turbo? Order the VR Tuned ECU flash by clicking here.


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