You would think so close to home that ECU Tuning on Porsche cars in Germany would be like finding Walmarts in the midwest USA.  But for years, Europeans have contact Vivid Racing for their performance products.  Recently, we have had a string of Germans getting their Porsche Turbo’s hopped up by VR Tuned’s ECU flashing system.  Most recently is Lars and his Porsche 996 Turbo.  Equipped with some goodies already consisting of an Agency Power Titanium Exhaust, Agency Power Carbon Fiber Intake, and more, he is now taking his 911 Turbo to the next level with a ECU flash.  The 996 Turbo in combination with an exhaust, diverter valves, and intake produces nearly 120 horsepower over stock.  This is hands down one of the best upgrades or horsepower per dollar you can spend on any car.  Lars has been busy with the fresh weather tracking his car but had time to leave us this review.  “… very satisfied with the excellent support that Dan gave me in connection with installation of VR Tuned ECU Flash on my Porsche Turbo. What a difference in performance, Will try it this weekend at Mantorp Park, will return with the difference in lap times. Thank you for very good support.

Here are some pictures of his car.  Enjoy!

lars996ttengine Mantorp 2_r996 Porsche_redigerad-2

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