We say it over and over again but there is nothing you can buy that gives you more horsepower per dollar than an ECU flash for the Porsche 997 Turbo.  The torque and hp gains are HUGE taking your car from 480bhp to 615bhp with 93 octane and a exhaust.  All of this is completely safe, reliable, and driveable to really get the fun out of your 3.6L turbo.  The ECU flash is all done via the OBDII port with our VR Tuned iFlash instructions here.  Our customer Mark just finished flashing his 997 Turbo and though has not had a change to open it up, his initial response of driving was, “Have not had a chance to really get on it yet but the short hits I did sure seems to rev faster and boost can be felt through the increased torque. May have a chance to hit open road this afternoon to at least run through the gears. 1st 2nd sure comes quick now!!”

Enjoy his pictures and get your Porsche 997 Turbo ECU Flash Here.





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