Just had the chance to flash this Ferrari 360 Spyder here at Vivid Racing in Gilbert.  The 400hp, V8, supercar is still as sexy as can be even though it dates back to 1999.  The F1 transmission was one of the first of its kind which made the Ferrari 360 something special.  When tuning these cars, the ECU’s have to be pulled out as we show on our ECU Removal Here post.  Tuning the already powerful engine changes some of the cars timing and fuel mappings.  In addition to the basics in tuning, we can also raise the O2 limits for catless or high flow cat exhausts.  Check out this beautiful Ferrari 360 on our dyno and shop all Ferrari ECU Tuning Here.

VRTune Ferrari 360-17

VRTune Ferrari 360 VRTune Ferrari 360-5 VRTune Ferrari 360-8 VRTune Ferrari 360-9VRTune Ferrari 360-19 VRTune Ferrari 360-20

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