Addicted Performance Unlimited in Tennessee just did this install of a VR Tuned tuning box for the Ferrari 488 GTB.  The tuning box is an excellent way to get more power out of the 3.9L 660 horsepower V8 twin turbo.  VR Tuned uses the factory boost pressure, manifold pressure, and camshaft sensors to provide an enhanced driving experience over the stock vehicle.  The tuning box kit is completely removal for warranty purposes and does not affect flash counters, OBDII readings, or other diagnostic information.  The multi channel tuning box takes over the signals from the ECU to give the added power.  As a plug and play solution, this allows you to take your Ferrari 488 GTB over 700 horsepower!  Check out their installation video and some pictures below.

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4-13-17 Finished-1 4-13-17 Finished-2 (1) 4-13-17 Finished-3 4-13-17 Finished-4 ferrari-488-tuning-box-2 ferrari-488-tuning-box-3

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