The Ferrari 488GTB features a twin turbo charged 3.9L engine that produces 661 horsepower.  What makes this Ferrari even more amazing is that by adding a plug and play tuning box, you can boost horsepower up almost 100bhp over stock!  The VR Tuned Tuning Box Kit is a easy solution to get more horsepower and torque from the Ferrari turbo engine.  The tuning box features a microprocessor, multi-channel system that works with the cars boost, manifold pressure, and camshaft sensors to improve performance.  Tested on 98 Ron fuel in Germany, the tuning box kit added 118 bhp.  However, Western USA states like Arizona and California only get 91 octane.  Anytime you use lower octane fuel, performance goes down.  The tuning box does have an adjustable dial to help with this change in fuel.  The guys over at RD Engineering in Oxnard, California tested the Ferrari 488 Tuning Box on their Mustang Dyno.

The Mustang Dyno typically shows a 15% drivetrain loss when you run in 2wd.  With the Ferrari 488 coming with 661 horsepower, this puts the stock wheel horsepower at about 561.  This is almost spot on for their baseline test.  With the addition of the tuning box, running 91 octane, and on a fair temperature day in California, the 488 made 643 rear wheel horsepower which is still an impressive 80 horsepower gain!

Check out RD Engineering’s dyno sheet and pics below.  Visit their Facebook page here –  If you are interested in ordering a Ferrari 488 Tuning Box, go here.






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