The new Ferrari 488 is the latest monster from the Italian supercar company featuring a twin turbocharged engine that makes 661 horsepower.  Is this a gift or a sacrafice from Ferrari?  For us tuners, it is a gift!  Tuning a turbocharged engine allows for huge gains in performance.  VR Tuned has this plug and play Tuning Box kit that is designed to take the 488 GTB to nearly 100 horsepower more than stock!  One of our customers recently installed the plug in tuning module as seen on our instructions here and shared with us these pictures of his car and video of the acceleration.  He tells us, “I just finished installation yesterday.  Car run so good , much better turbo response and torque.  Turbo sound like tuning car.  I like it.  Acceleration is much faster on 4th , 5th ,6th,7th gear.”

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