We have done a couple of these already but had to share another one.  The Mercedes Bosch MED17.7.3 ECU must be done on the bench.  However to reach the boot pin you have to seperate BOTH sides of the ECU case.  Working with some of these ECU’s is very delicate but with the experience we have, the process becomes a no brainer.  These Bi-Turbo V8 engines really come alive with a flash.  The ML550 features a 4.6L bi-turbo in the small SUV with 400hp and 440ft/lbs stock.  Once tuned the ML550 becomes a ML63 with 500HP and 600ft/lbs of torque!  With 20-25% drivetrain loss, you can tell from our dyno this is spot on.  Check out the ECU surgery and see our older VR Tuned ML550 test car.  Order up your Mercedes ML550 ECU Flash Here.



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