The end of the fan-favorite Ford Bronco in 1996 really let down a lot of off-road car enthusiasts. However, with the return of the Bronco, love it or hate it, we’re seeing a ton of old & new enthusiasts getting back into the platform. Whether you’re tearing up the dirt roads in the backcountry, or exploring the city, there will always be that itch to modify your Bronco. Maybe you’re looking to modify your Bronco to really make it yours, or maybe you’re just wanting some more power. Luckily, there is a quick-growing aftermarket community that’s here to fix both of those issues. 


 Although, how can you modify your Bronco without voiding a warranty? Sure, there are smaller mods that don’t do too much, but who wants mods that don’t perform well? We’ve got the perfect answer. VR Tuned has developed a tuning box that fits right into your engine bay providing the ability to change your Bronco’s boost performance, all without voiding any warranty. This is the VR Tuned ECu Tuning Box Kit V2, for the Ford Bronco 2.7L EcoBoost. The box works similarly to an ECU flash but instead uses new hardware to trick the ECU into pushing more boost. This way, the box can be removed from the car and no evidence of tampering remains. 



The VR Tuned box is completely plug-and-play and comes with the correct wiring harness for easy installation. We also have an optional Bluetooth functionality so you can change the settings of the tune straight from your phone! Speaking of changing the tune files, the box has different levels ranging from one to seven depending on how much power you want. We tested our tuning box on our 2020 2.7L Ford Bronco EcoBoost Badlands Edition using our Mustang Dyno, and ran both a stock run and one with the tuning box installed. In the data below, we ran at similar environmental conditions on 93 octane fuel, and achieved a base horsepower increase of 54, with 100ft/lbs of torque! Now those are some gains that will make your Bronco feel like a true modern classic. If you’re curious about how you can give your Ford Bronco 2.0L  Sport the same VR Tuned treatment; we have what you’re looking for here.

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The new generation of the Ford Bronco has proven to be an excellent platform for off-roading, Overlanding, and even rock-crawling. Companies are releasing Racks, Lights, Suspension, Lift Kits, Exhausts, Intakes, Wheels, and the most detailed accessories for this off-road heathen on a daily basis. It’s hard to leave the house and not see a fully decked-out Jeep predecessor heading out for the next adventure.

U/M Original Tuned Increase
+ 54
+ 100
+ 45
+ 83


VRTuned Tuning Box


Learn more & order your 2021+ Ford Bronco 2.7L EcoBoost tuning box here

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