It’s no secret that Ford’s Ecoboost powered vehicles tuner friendly. For the most part, Ford does a decent job with their OEM tuning, but they always leave some performance on the table. Part of the reason they leave that performance on the table is for emissions purposes or extreme long-term reliability (200,000+ miles). The performance left on the table can easily be obtained through an ECU tune, which modifies engine parameters to increase power. Vivid Racing’s tuning division, VR Tuned, made a splash back in 2016 when the VR Tuned Focus RS tune came out. It was dyno proven to have great gains all over the power band, and the tune has remained popular with Focus RS owners since. Just recently a customer of our picked up this tune for their Focus RS and said “Love the Tune. Installed easy and what a difference, Love it.” For the price, a quality tune like the one from VR Tuned is the best modification you can do to any Ecoboost engine. The massive jump in low-end torque makes the RS an absolute monster on the street, slaying much more expensive cars with ease. If you have any questions about the VR Tuned ECU Flash for Ford Focus RS, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached by phone at 1.480.966.3040 or via email at

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