Tuning the Ford Focus RS 2.3L EcoBoost is very easy with the VR Tuned OBDII iFlash system.  This true custom tune allows you to read and write the Bosch MED17 ECU through the OBDII port.  We do not provide “off the shelf” maps as each car receives custom tuning for the requests someone desires.  This allows you to truly enhance your Ford Focus RS performance without spending additional money or doing unnecessary dyno time.  The Read and Writing part takes about 5 minutes each way and the process is very easy.  All that is required is a Windows 7-10 laptop and the OBDII iFlash cable we provide.  This cable then locks to your VIN and your vehicle so you can use it anytime.  With this cable, you can flash your car between tuned and stock anytime and anywhere in the world.  Don’t worry about warranty as once flashed back to stock, you have your vehicle in it’s true original state.  We custom tune for different environments, octane, modifications, and driving styles.

As tested on our Mustang AWD Dyno using 91 octane and an ambient temperature of around 90F, we noticed some great gains over stock.  The Focus RS has a very small turbo and even with proper air flow during testing conditions, it really runs out of air.  The drivable improvement where it really matters is evident from 2900rpm to 4500rpm where the peak gain is near 40ft/lbs of torque.  The car has some nice horsepower increases as well from 3000rpm to 4500rpm mark before the factory restriction comes into play.  At 3300 to 4000 rpm we say a peak gain of nearly 30 horsepower.  The top end of the curve has a consistant gain of around 10-12 all wheel horsepower.  As displayed on the dyno screenshot, the car is making 298.3 awhp with a correction factor and nearly 360ft/lbs of torque.  Since this test was done on 91 octane, a 93 octane or higher vehicle will produce much stronger results.  With the addition of free flowing exhaust components, the mid to top end power range will also increase dramatically.

  • Stock Power: 350HP | 440nm
  • Tuned Power: 375HP | 520nm

To see more on this ECU Tune or to order, visit our Ford Focus RS Tuning Page Here.

Flashing Process

Dyno Run

Focus RS Dyno-1 Focus RS Dyno-3 Focus RS Dyno-4 Focus RS Dyno-5 Focus RS Dyno-6 Focus RS Dyno-8

IMG_7567 IMG_7575

focus-rs-dyno-numbers focus-rs-dyno-sheet

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