Our customer Jeremy from Oregon wanted to get his Ford Focus ST crankin out more power.  Instead of following the trends and popping in a module, he chose to give our VRTuned OBDII ECU Flash a shot.  The iFlash read and write allows you to connect to the cars computer to read out the cars original file, then flash back a tuned file.  Working all through the OBDII port, custom files can be written and flashed with extreme ease.  The 2.0L ECOBoost turbocharged Focus ST picks up about 40hp with the VRTuned Flash.  With the file system, we can deactivate O2 settings for catless exhausts, raise the vehicles rev limiter, remove the speed limiter, and change many variables such as boost, timing, fuel, torque limiters, and more for your vehicle.  Jeremy is pumped with the outcome of his flash, are you ready?

Order your VR Tuned Ford Focus ST ECU Tune here.

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