Ready to get your Honda Civic Type R tuned for more horsepower!  No problem as VR Tuned has got you covered.  But to tune this Bosch MED17 ECU with a tricore processor, you have to remove it as it can only be done on the bench in boot mode.  Removing the ECU is fairly easy to do with some basic socket wrenches and a flathead screwdriver.  You do not have to open the ECU up, leave that to the pros like us.  Just remove the ECU out and send it to us and we will do the rest.  These pictures below give you a step by step of how it comes out.  Any questions just contact us!

Type_R_Civic_VRTuned-1 Type_R_Civic_VRTuned-2 Type_R_Civic_VRTuned-3 Type_R_Civic_VRTuned-4 Type_R_Civic_VRTuned-5 Type_R_Civic_VRTuned-6 Type_R_Civic_VRTuned-7 Type_R_Civic_VRTuned-8 Type_R_Civic_VRTuned-9 Type_R_Civic_VRTuned-10 Type_R_Civic_VRTuned-11 Type_R_Civic_VRTuned-12 Type_R_Civic_VRTuned-13 Type_R_Civic_VRTuned-14 Type_R_Civic_VRTuned-15 Type_R_Civic_VRTuned-16 Type_R_Civic_VRTuned-17 Type_R_Civic_VRTuned-18 Type_R_Civic_VRTuned-19 Type_R_Civic_VRTuned-20 Type_R_Civic_VRTuned-21 Type_R_Civic_VRTuned-22 Type_R_Civic_VRTuned-23 Type_R_Civic_VRTuned-24

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