One of our long time customers who put the hurt on the Texas Mile record with his Tiptronic 996 Turbo, recently picked up this 2008 Porsche Cayenne Turbo as a daily.  The already 450+ horsepower SUV is an animal but much like the 911 Turbo, a ECU flash can make all the difference.  As he goes by on the forums and Instagram, BlackHorseTurbo flashed his 957 CTT with VR Tuned OBDII software and headed out to the local drags.  Racing others like the SRT8 Jeep, he put the test to the VR Tuned flash.  Unfortunately for the car, the Texas 100F temperature bogged it down but still put some strong trap speeds up.  Stay tuned for some dyno tests and more on this Porsche Cayenne Turbo!



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