Getting a check engine light on your Can-am X3 can mean the end to your weekend or leave you limping home on the trails.  The reason vehicles go into limp mode or give you a check engine light is there could be a mechanical issue that needs to be addressed immediately.  Sometimes common codes can pop-up which just happen out of the blue and can be easily cleared.  Not only does the VR Tuned iFlash Software allow you to flash between your stock and tuned file, we now also allow you the ability to read and clear trouble codes.  Using this feature is the same as going through the instructions on our Flash Instructions Here.  When you get to the Program ECU Memory screen, choose Diagnostics instead and simply click the Read or Clear buttons.  If you clear a CEL and it immediately comes back on, then you have a mechanical issue to address.  With an ECU flash increasing your vehicles power through changes in boost, fuel, and timing, this can also cause existing issues to become more noticeable such as misfires.  With the VR Tuned iFlash cable you can flash back to your stock file which flashes the entire 1504kb ECU memory.  When you flash the full file this will also remove any codes that are existing.  Make sure to always take note of codes so you can later diagnose issues you may have to your vehicle.

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