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The new Porsche Boxster 718 is what we have all been wanting with a turbocharged engine.  The 718 Boxster and Boxster S are both boosted and that means easy horsepower to be gained.  One of the best improvements you can do is an ECU flash.  From this article date, being able to read and write this ECU is not available, but our plug and play tuning box kits are.  These tuning box kits plug into the boost pressure, manifold pressure, camshaft sensor, and use a power/ground to boost your 2.0L up 60 horsepower over stock!  Utilizing factory bosch sensor plugs, the kit is designed to take control over the sensor readings with the installed map to help improve performance.  The tuning box kit is not a replacement for the ECU or a ECU flash.  It is a perfect upgrade and warranty safe for those wanting more power!  Check out the installation from one of our clients below.

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Engine Lid Removed


Ground Placement


MAP Sensor


Harness Routing Under Air Box


Front Engine Cover Access


Tuning Box Mounting


Camshaft Position Sensor Driver Side (LHD) – There are a total of 4 camshaft sensors.  2 on the driver’s side and 2 on the passenger’s side.  Access from the top of the motor on the LHD driver side bank 1 sensor.


Boost Pressure Sensor Intercooler Side



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