Here are some great installation photos of installing the VR Tuned ECU Tuning Box Kit on a 2017 Porsche Boxster S.  The 718 Boxster features the 2.5L engine.  The tuning box connects to the cars factory manifold pressure, boost pressure, and camshaft sensors.  It also requires constant power and ground.

Step 1 – Put the top up partially so you can service the engine.


Step 2 – Remove the carpet to reveal the engine cover.

20180403_091445  20180403_091538

Step 3 – Remove the engine cover to expose the engine parts.


Step 4 – Remove the airbox with Torx bolts to access the sensors.

20180403_092338 20180403_092425

Step 5 – Locate the manifold sensor and plug the harness as required.



Step 6 – Locate the cam shaft sensor.  Make sure you have the plug flats aligned when connecting.  Plug in the harness as required.

Plug Correct Position


Step 8 – Remove the back seat carpet and undo the bolts for the heat shield.  Remove this shield.

20180403_094215 20180403_094434

Step 9 – Using the pictured positive and negative terminals, connect these wires here.

20180403_094956 20180403_095506

Step 10 – Locate the boost pressure sensor and plug in the harness as required.


You are done!


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