Ready to get that VR Tuned ECU Flash for more performance?  No problem, you just need to pull that baby out and send it in to be flashed on the bench.  Unfortunately at this time the Siemens SDI6 ECU cannot be flashed via the OBDII port.  So here are some simple steps to pop the ECU out of the Cayenne.

  • First you want to disconnect the negative terminal on the battery.  This is done in the trunk.  Just use a 10mm and pull that cable aside.  Then pop the hood and lift it open.


  • Next, on the vehicles passenger side (US cars), remove the cover that houses the windshield washer fluid.  This just snaps right up.


  • Now pull back the rubber trim right above that cover till you get to the open engine part.  With that pulled back, you can then unclip and pull off the ECU cover panel.


  • With this trim pulled, there is 1 more cover that you need to remove with a Torx T27 tool.  With this loose and out of the way, you can take off the other Torx bolt.  Now exposed is the ECU harnesses.  Pull the tabs away from the ECU on either side to pull back the harnesses.

img_4896 img_4895

  • Now you can pull the ECU out and send it in to be flashed!


  • Once the ECU is returned, now you can get that extra power from VR Tuned!




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