The 2.0 Turbo Volkswagen Beetle requires the ECU to be removed from the car to flash tune it.  Also known as the “New Beetle”, its tricore processor is a Bosch MED17.5.2.  The ECU is very simply located in the engine compartment and can easily be removed in less than 20 minutes with simple tools.  To have your New Beetle ECU tuned, you must remove it and send it in.  Here are the instructions on how to remove your ECU.

Here is your engine bay.  This one happens to have a modified intake but the ECU is located on the drivers side fender area.  Make sure to first DISCONNECT your battery.



Remove the ECU cover which will allow you to gain access to the 2 master plugs.


Here you will see the master plugs.  On the end of each is a clip that slides out.


Grab each end and pull away from the center to release the clips.


Now the clips come up and out from the ECU.


The ECU will then lift out so it can be bench flashed.


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