Need to remove your ECU from the Boxster S 718 to get ECU flashed?  No problem its pretty simple!  Basic tools such as a 10mm socket with extension and a open end wrench will do it.  Have some patience with the tight access and be careful!


IMG_0296 ECU Removal_1 ECU Removal_1-4

IMG_0295 ECU Removal_1-2 ECU Removal_1-3

ECU Removal_3-3 ECU Removal_3-2

ECU Removal_3-4

ECU Removal_2



ECU Removal_4-10

ECU Removal_4

ECU Removal_4-2

ECU Removal_4-9

ECU Removal_4-8

ECU Removal_4-6

ECU Removal_4-5 ECU Removal_4-4

ECU Removal_4-7


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