The V8 6.2L of the Mercedes C63 AMG is a raw beast when flashed.  To flash this ECU, removing it to be bench flashed is very easy.  Most of the AMG cars can easily have the ECU removed.  The ME9.7 ECU is a simple ECU to tune.  So if you want to get it flashed and take your car from 451hp to over 500hp, follow these steps!

Step 1 – Pop the hood and locate the ECU plastic cover located on the left side (USA Passenger) of the car.  There are 3 spring clips that come off.





Step 2 – Remove the plastic cover out of the way to gain access to the ECU

IMG_4506 IMG_4507


Step 3 – The ECU is held in place with simple plastic ball stands.  Just lift up on the ECU and they will pop out.



Step 4 – Slide the clips from the wiring harness of each side out away from the ECU.  This will allow the harness plugs to come undone.

IMG_4509 IMG_4510


Step 5 – The ECU cannot be lifted out of the area.



Step 6 – The ECU can now be packaged and shipped to Vivid Racing to be bench flashed!



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