When Hyundai launched the Genesis Coupe, they offered two engine options: a 2.0T turbocharged four-cylinder and a 3.8L V6. In 2013, both engines received significant power increases, however, the 2.0T was still under 300hp, a number which Hyundai could have easily provided with a few modifications. Although Hyundai failed to give the 2.0T Genesis a decent amount of power, the turbocharged nature of this engine makes it easy to increase power.

We developed our VR Tuned ECU Flash for the BK2 2.0T Genesis Coupe to increase power and improve drivability without reducing long-term reliability. By increasing boost, fine tuning air-fuel ratios, and using conservative ignition timing, we created a tune file which takes the Genesis Coupe from 275hp to 305hp.

At the low-end of the power band, our tune file adds 50lb-ft of torque, helping you pull off the line and out of corners much faster. Furthermore, throttle response is improved and turbo lag is decreased slightly. For those who want even more power, our tune file will adapt to any basic bolt-on modifications you add!

  • Stock Power: 275HP and 275LB-FT
  • Tuned Power: 305HP and 325LB-FT
  • Power Gain: +30HP and +50LB-FT
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Works with Additional Modifications

Learn more and order your VR Tuned ECU flash for Genesis Coupe 2.0T here

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