Looking to get more response from your Toyota Tundra 5.7L V8? A power pedal is a great way to do this giving you 3 stages of more sporty driving.  The module plugs in the middle of your electronic sensor on your gas pedal.  It gives you standard, sport, and super sport to liven up the performance of your truck.  By default, the throttle body only opens 80%.  Most normally aspirated vehicles have a Sport button which improves this.  The power pedal does just that. Watch out video below to learn more!  Check out more of this product on our VR Tuned Power Pedal Page for the Toyota Tundra. Toyota_Tundra_FuelWheels-2 vrt-117021-tundra-1 vrt-117021-tundra-2 vrt-117021-tundra-3 vrt-117021-tundra-4

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