The Mercedes CLA250 Tuning Box is a great plug and play add-on for the 2.0L turbocharged engine.  Giving the front wheel drive sedan an extra 42 horsepower, it makes the car come alive.   The tuning box wire loom utilizes the manifold pressure, boost pressure, and camshaft sensor that connect into the tuning box.  The wire loom is designed to have a male and female end to essentially splt the factory plug and allowing the tuning box to take over the signals from the ECU.  These sensors are all very easily located once you pop off the plastic Mercedes engine cover.  The camshaft sensor is right next to the passenger side (LHD) engine mount.  The manifold pressure sensor is right in front of the firewall back from the oil cap.  Finally the boost pressure sensor is located just to the left of the battery box for easy plug and play.  For more detail instructions, see our PDF on the CLA250 Tuning Box Here.

You can order your VR Tuned Tuning Box Here.

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