Water injection, also known as anti-detonant injection, is a method for cooling the combustion chambers of engines by adding water to the cylinder or incoming fuel-air mixture, allowing for greater compression ratios and largely eliminating the problem of engine knocking (detonation). This effectively increases the octane rating of the fuel, meaning that performance gains can be obtained when used in conjunction with a supercharger or turbocharger, altered spark ignition timing, and other modifications.

When tuning the Turbo Porsche vehicles such as the 996 and 997, there is a limit of what boost you can run on the stock engine.  Boost pressure is definitely what can turbo the power up, but if you are using pump gas, detonation can occur.  When asked if you need to retune the car if running a water/meth injection kit, the answer is no.  Since VRTuned tunes off the factory knock and oxygen sensors, they are controlling timing and at any sight of detonation, timing is pulled back.  Water/Meth injection is simply a replacement for running race gas.  It allows you to run higher boost pressures on pump fuel without detonating.  Another good feature of water/meth kits is for those users running 91 octane, you can get the more aggressive 93 octane map which has more timing to give you more power.  If you decide to run one of these kits, make sure it has a good fail safe system and do not use chemicals that can be corrosive to injectors and engine internal parts.

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