Removing the ECU of the McLaren 570S is very easy to do.  If you are looking to gain more horsepower and performance to be on the 12C and 650 level, this is the best modification that can be done.  If you have the ability to jack up your vehicle and remove the rear wheel, then you can access the ECU.  Once the ECU is accessed and removed, you just send it to us to be bench flashed.  If you overnight us the ECU, we overnight back so you are only down 3 days total.  Interested in more information or order the ECU flash for you McLaren 570S?  Order Online Here.

Step 1 – Lift your vehicle up or jack up the right side to remove the right rear wheel.


Step 2 – With the wheel remove, remove the inner fender liner.

ECU_Removal_570S-2 ECU_Removal_570S-3 ECU_Removal_570S-4 ECU_Removal_570S-5 ECU_Removal_570S-6 ECU_Removal_570S-7

Step 3 – Now you can see the ECU bolted in a cage hanging upside down.  You will now remove these brackets to free the ECU.

ECU_Removal_570S-8 ECU_Removal_570S-9 ECU_Removal_570S-10

Note – not cutting put removing a clip!


Step 4 – With the ECU loose, slide out the connectors from each side to remove the large computer harness.

ECU_Removal_570S-12 ECU_Removal_570S-13 ECU_Removal_570S-14

Step 5 – Now that your ECU is free, send it in to us to make your vehicle much quicker!


Don’t worry about dynoing it, we already did the testing!


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