Mercedes A45 Tuning Box Installed by VR Colombia

Our friends at Vivid Racing Colombia got a chance to do our very popular Mercedes 45 AMG tuning box kit on this A45.  We have proven these time and time again here in the USA on the CLA45 2.0L turbocharged engine.  Unfortunately we don’t get the awesome hot hatch version here.  So its nice to see the A45 in action.  The tuning box kit is a plug and play device that connects to the cars camshaft sensor, boost sensor, manifold pressure sensor, and throttle switch sensor to deliver a strong 50 horsepower.  This takes the 2014-2015 CLA, GLA, and A45 from 355HP to just over 400HP!  Having owned a CLA45 with our tuning box installed, this is probably one of the biggest performance gains you can do.  The all wheel drive vehicle pulls very hard and no normal driveability is changed.  Want to see more including installation instructions, dyno chart, and video?  Shop the VR Tuned Mercedes 45 AMG Tuning Box Here.

vrtuned-a45-tuningbox-1 vrtuned-a45-tuningbox-2 vrtuned-a45-tuningbox-3

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