The tuning box kit for the Mercedes C450 AMG has been a huge hit for owners wanting more horsepower and torque from their 3.0L V6 twin turbo.  The sedan stock output is a very strong 362 horses and 384 lb-ft in the C450.  The Tuning Box Kit is a plug and play unit that connects to the cars boost pressure, manifold pressure, and camshaft sensors.  Once installed, the C450 now has a blistering 438 horsepower and 427 ft/lbs of torque.  The installation is very straight forward as seen on our manual here.  Unlike a ECU flash, the tuning box kit can be easily unplugged or removed for warranty issues without any trace.  The tuning boxes are inside an aluminum case that is weather proof featuring a dial for adjustments related to fuel octane.   Check out the install done by our dealer GMS Performance out of Florida on this customers C450 AMG.  Once installed, the customer told us, “VR Tuning did an amazing job with this kit. Theres only a few plugs that come with the whole setup, and once you’ve double checked that theyre all connected properly, you go from having a fantastic MB AMG to a somehow even better MB AMG!  The kit has a great pricepoint which noticeably pays off from the moment you start it up after install..  The car runs fantastic, and the direction for install were very easy to follow.

Order your VR Tuned Mercedes Tuning Box Here.

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