The Mercedes C63 AMG features a 6.208L V8 engine that produces a massive 480 horsepower making it one of the most fun sedans we have ever driven.  Amazingly, you can get another 30 horsepower out of these engines with just a ECU tune.  More horsepower, better throttle response, and tire shredding torque are all gained with a tune.  The performance software takes this machine to 515bhp which is pretty strong for a normally aspirated car.  The C63 can be tuned via the OBDII port using the DimSport MyGenius or by sending in your ECU to be bench flashed.  This particular C63 was flashed by our customer Dynamic Turbo EIRL in Peru.  He was able to read out the car and get the file back same day.  Once flashed with the DimSport, he told us, “Thanks for the Tune, its really working very good!”  See more on the Mercedes C63 AMG Flash Here.

IMG_20160523_104552467 IMG_20160524_125608715 IMG_20160524_125630640_HDR

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