The Mercedes CLA250 ECU Tuning Box has been a huge hit since our first release of it almost 2 years ago here.  Boosting up the 2.0L turbocharged engine, the front wheel drive CLA250 gains an extra 42 horsepower that has been tested, verified, and well received.  The plug and play unit connects very easily to the factory connectors including the boost, manifold pressure, and camshaft sensor.  The enclosed aluminum casing tuning box is weather proof and features an adjustment dial to be set based on octane used.  It can easily be removed or reverted for warranty purposes unlike an ECU flash.  The tuning box kit also comes with a jumper plug which when plugged in place of the tuning box, puts it back to stock settings.  For the money, nothing else gives the biggest change in performance!

Check out the Mercedes CLA250 Tuning Box Here.

john-cla250-1 john-cla250-2

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