The Mercedes G-Glass squared took over where the 6×6 left off for the everyday driver.  The G-Wagon has been one of the longest running body types in vehicle history with a fan base that just wont let the SUV die off.  The regular G-Wagon though looks odd, is one of the best off-road machines out there.  But what makes the 4×4 squared so much better is like the 6×6, it features portal axles, which use gears in the hubs to allow the axle to sit higher than the wheel centers in the name of increased ground clearance. The result is a vehicle that can clear 17.7-inch-high obstacles, versus the 8.3 inches of a stock G wagon.  Along with the more toys to make off-roading adventures a real treat, Mercedes has the new 4.0L V8 Bi-Turbo in the G500 4×4.  This gives it 416bhp with 450ft/lbs of torque.  With peak torque happening at 1750rpm, there is no obstacle that the G500 can’t conquer!  The only obstacle to get around is it’s $200K plus price tag.

Our friends at GT Tuning in Mexico had a customer that wanted more power.  They turned to our plug and play tuning box kit.  The kit which is the same for the new C63 4.0L, bumps the SUV to 500hp and almost 525ft/lbs of torque.  The OEM Bosch connectors featured on the wire loom plug into boost, manifold, and timing sensors.  The all weather aluminum box is perfect for the G500 4×4 adventures.  These guys went 1 step further and ran this beast on the dyno.  Stock it made 359 awhp and 384 ft/lbs of torque.  With the tuning box installed, it cranked out 426 awhp and 453 ft/lbs which is an impressive gain.

If you are interested in ordering a Mercedes Tuning Box, see all our applications here.  GT Tuning is located in Jalisco, Mexico and more on them can be found at








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