The Mercedes G65 6.0L V12 is the beast the G Wagon series.  From the factory this SUV makes 604hp and 738ft/lbs of torque!  So what more could you want?  Well the Bosch MED17.7.8 ECU is totally tunable to give you even more performance.  The ECU flash gives you much quicker throttle response over stock.  Expect a gain of 25hp and 44ft/lbs of torque.  With a curb weight of almost 6000lbs, you need every bit of power squeezed out.  This ECU can only be bench flashed.  Vivid Racing has the proper tools to open your ECU and read out your calibration.  This allows us to enhance the performance of the vehicle while making it reliable, safe, and powerful.  ECUs are never soldered as we use special bungie pins to touch locator points on the ECU.  Check out this customers G65 below!

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mercedes-g65-ecu-flash-3 mercedes-g65-ecu-flash-2


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