Mercedes Sprinter Van Diesel Tuning

Need more sprint in your companies Mercedes Sprinter Van?  VR Tuned is now offering ECU flash tuning to boost up the power of your company van or weekend traveler.  Our tuning will greatly improve the horsepower and torque of the  219/319/419/519 CDI BlueTEC 3.0L turbocharged engine.  We can improve your gas mileage, raise the top speed limiter, improve towing function when you need that extra power, and provide an overall improvement in driveability.  Tuning the vehicles boost, fuel, and timing tables will make this purpose built diesel van perform the way you need.

Crank Horsepower Ratings:

  • Stock Power: 190 HP | 325 lb-ft(440 N-m)
  • Tuned Power: 230 HP | 370 lb-ft(500 N-m)


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Dan Mermelstein - Co-Owner, Blogger, Porsche Enthusiast, VRTuned Marketing and Technical Support. Available to make your car faster!

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