The Mini Cooper S JCW variant is an extremely powerful 1.6L turbocharged platform that can out handle some of the best on the roads.  Since its re-inception to the USA market with the R53 supercharged version, the R56 has become one of the most popular German tuning platforms.  Coming stock with 192 horsepower, the performance ECU tune is perfect for those wanting more power on the track.  Improved throttle response, more torque, and harder pull through the revs to redline.  On the 6speed manual car we can raise the rev limiter as well to keep you up in the R’s!  This particular customer had the car already equipped with a cold air intake and a catback exhaust for us to take into consideration of the tune.

As he told us, “Definitely a noticeable improvement from stock, lots of power and torque shifting through all gears. Makes driving my mini fun and exhilarating. Definitely turns heads when a mini flies past you doing over 100mph and still wants to keep going just remember to hold on tight! Highly recommend this upgrade, it will turn your mini into a monster.

If you are interested in getting a Performance ECU Tune for your Mini Cooper, Shop Here!



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