With years of experience in high performance vehicles and tuning, the Mini Cooper platform has been very good to us.  Our iFlash system that allows for OBDII programming anywhere in the world helps customers like Brian get his 2007 Mini Cooper S dialed in.  With us in the USA and Brian in Hong Kong, its very easy for him to read out his vehicle data, send us the file for tuning, and we email it back so he can start enjoying the true performance of his 1.6L Turbo engine.  When it comes to mods on the Mini, all of the basics can be taken into account for tuning.  His vehicle is equipped with a JCW straight exahust and resonator delete.  A new AEM cold air intake.  Forge blow off valve.  And fresh service including carbon build up removal, plugs, and fluids.

Will our words help sell this awesome Mini Cooper S ECU Flash?  How about the review direct from Brian himself!

“I drove the mini R56 2007 automatic for 2 years with the TMC kit and it was nothing but trouble. Pinking , engine lights, bucking and surging etc. So I decided to search for a ECU programme, no more piggybacks.  VR tuning was the first choice for its simplicity and proven track record and great reviews. After receiving the tuned file, it programmed as instructed, the whole process being under a minute which was great. Started the car up and as you see from video it went very smoothly, it was a cold start Btw. Driving was unbelievable, from the minute I drove out the car/throttle response was much smoother and more linear. On the highway it was smooth and powerful, and really felt the torque increase pulling harder in each gear and staying in gear for longer reducing the need to downshift more often. The boost gauge indicated the boost came in earlier and faster, faster ramp up and maintaining the boost higher for a better power delivery. The engine tone was noticeably quieter, with a butter smoothness to the whole RPM range and upon kick down, there was no pinking or bucking – so this was a big improvement. I don’t have a dyno, don’t need a dyno to tell there was a huge improvement. Another bonus was coming to a near stop, where it would normally surge you forward, it does not do it anymore.”

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