Anyone who has ever driven a Mini, knows how insanely fun they are to drive. They’re small, nimble, and handle great, but they aren’t very fast in a straight line. Luckily, getting more power out the F56 Mini is easy thanks to the use of BMW’s turbocharged B48 engine.

The typical intake and exhaust modifications help the B48 engine breath easier, but without proper tuning the increased airflow can’t be fully capitalized on. Even in completely stock form, the B48 engine has lots of untapped power which can be accessed with tuning.

Unlike other tuning solutions on the market which require removing your entire ECU, our VR Tuned ECU flash for the F56 Mini is done entirely through the OBDII port. With this tune, the ECU parameters such as boost, air/fuel ratio, ignition timing, torque limiters, and much more, are adjusted to increase power.

  • Stock Power: 192HP | 207FT/LB
  • Tuned Power: 255HP | 266FT/LB
  • Reduced Turbo Lag
  • Improved Throttle Response

Learn more and order your VR Tuned ECU flash for Mini F56 here

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