The Mini Cooper S F56 features a 2.0L turbo engine with 192 horsepower.  Up from the previous 1.6L, the new Mini is improved in many ways from styling, functioning, and performance.  So how does the Mini Cooper S stack up to the competition?  Targeting the same customer type, the new Subaru WRX features all wheel drive and 268hp but weighs in at 3272lbs.  The Mini weighs in at just under 2900lbs and is front wheel drive.  So what happens when you do a ECU flash on the Mini Cooper S F56?  You gain 58 horsepower to rocket past the heavier AWD Subaru!

The VR Tuned ECU Flash for the new B48 F series Mini is done as a bench flash.  Meaning the ECU must be removed from the vehicle.  Its not difficult to remove as it is located right next to the battery.  ECU flashing is done using bungy pins so there is no soldering involved.  A read out allows for full tuning to the vehicle to improve the 2.0L, 4 cylinder turbo engine.  In addition to the huge gain in horsepower, the Cooper S also gains 100nm or 74ft/lbs of torque.  With better throttle response, quicker turbo spool, and an overall improved vehicle, the Mini Cooper S F56 should be considered a threat to the Japanese competition.

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