Installation Guide for Mini Cooper S F56 2.0L Turbo Engines – Download Here

The product described in the guidance was developed, manufactured and controlled considering the necessary safety reguirements. The product must be installed properly to ensure a proper func#on and avoid danger for persons and things. Please read this installation guide inclusive safety instructions carefully.  Please see extra note at bottom of this page!

Package Contents Includes:
1x Tuningbox
1x Loom

Beginning Installation Steps:
1.Open the hood.
2.Turn the ignition off!
3.Remove the ignition key!
4.Close and lock all doors!
5.Do not open any doors while installing the tuningkit!
6.Wait 5 minutes before beginning the installation

In order to avoid damages at electronic vehicle components, you have to be sure that you have done all necessary methods for electostatic discharge.
Install the electronic in an waterproof and vibrationless place. Do not make any changes at the tuning-kit! Do not expand or shorten the loom.

The tuningkit has to be attached to the following points:

  • manifold air pressure
  • camshaft position sensor
  • boost pressure sensor
  • throttle valve switch

Required tools:
• Torx screwdriver, screwdriver

• Move the individual strands of the loom to the associated plug connectors
• Put the required tools by your side ( if needed )
• Take the fastening material at your side
• To get the maximum power enhancement, you have to use super unleaded fuel only

Special Note: . It seems that some cars have the older BMW camshaft sensor plug on them, it looks similar and may plug in but does not fit correctly. The plug can be seen to be different as the older style plug pushes inside the cam sensor like on the BMW 3.0T N55 rather than pushing over the sensor. Attach are some photos which shows the correct plug direction on the boost and map sensors. Both the plugs in the photos that are shown are the male cam plug, if you look you can see one slides inside the sensor where the other slides inside but also over it too.


IMG_6353 IMG_6354 IMG_6355