Tuning the F56 Mini Cooper S can yield some great gains in performance.  The B48 engine produces an amazing 192hp to the front wheel drive car.  Weighing in at just over 2700lbs, these turbocharged engines can really beat up some high horsepower cars on the track.  To further the performance of the Cooper S, the VR Tuned plug and play tuning box is a great solution.  Plugging into the vehicles camshaft sensor, boost sensor, and manifold pressure sensor, the tuning box takes control to give you 65 more horsepower to the crank.  This far surpasses the performance of a JCW!  The box easily plugs in and can be removed for warranty purposes.  No changes to the flash counters or any other diagnostic functions to be worried about.  Need to go to the dealer?  Just unplug it!  To get the best performance it is recommended to run 93 octane and higher.  Check out our customer Shaun’s Mini Cooper S F56 below!

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