The Mini Cooper S R52 with the supercharger is like driving a Go-Kart.  I personally just came from a R60 JCW with our VR Tuned flash on it and the car was insanely different in the power delivery.  Much like my own experience, this is how the R52 Supercharged Mini reacts to a ECU flash.  What is nice about our VR Tuned ECU Flash for the Mini is it is all done via the OBDII port.  Our iFlash client connects and allows you to read and write the files to the car at your own personal convenience.  This 2006 Mini we actually did here at our Gilbert, Arizona shop.  Though each customer receives a cable locked to their car so no matter where they are, they can always flash back as needed.  Expect to gain about 30 horsepower putting your Mini Cooper S R52 at around 200hp.  Thats quite an improvement on the small engine FWD car.  Here are some pictures of the flash process and car we did.  Any questions about Mini Cooper ECU Tuning, just contact our sales professionals!

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