The Mini Cooper S 1.6L supercharged engine brought Mini back to life in 2001.  This pocket rocket packed 163hp from its front wheel drive platform.  Weighing in at around 2400lbs, this became quite a popular tuner car for the street and track.  With so many mods to do to gain better performance, an ECU flash is at the top of the list.  The supercharged engine can gain more ponies to give you better torque and pull through out the RPM band.  Flashing the Mini is all done via the OBDII port with our iFlash system as seen here.  You read out the stock calibration and send it in to us.  We then make an updated tune for you which is sent back to be flashed to the vehicle.  The process is very simple.  Our customer Joshua wrote a review on his experience below.

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“I have been working on my 2004 Mini Cooper S for about a year and I have done many modifications that include;

  • Cold air intake
  • Manzo headers
  • Alta 15% supercharger pulley reduction
  • XS power 2.5 inch exhaust  
  • Racing cat
  • Single mass flywheel and clutch conversion kit
  • MSD coil pack
  • Bigger intercooler

After all of the mods on the car it began to run rough at idle and also yo-yo’d at cruising speed but since I have purchased and installed the VR ECU flash tune it is running great and much smoother.It pulls hard all the way through the RPM band and it feels like I have much more power and torque at low and mid range RPM. The throttle response even feels faster and I know it is much faster on the big end.

I also wanted to mention, that when I first received my flash Kit My ECU was coded with the wrong VIN number which caused the cable not to recognize the Vehicle but Dan was determined to make it happen, his customer service was outstanding and he fixed the issue as fast as humanly possible. I just wanted to thank Vivid racing and Dan for making my MINI and my experience with Vivid Racing simply Awesome! “

joshua-tanner-mini-cooper-s-1 joshua-tanner-mini-cooper-s-2

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