Doing a ECU flash on the Porsche 997 Turbo is very easy as our friends at Morauto in Monterrey Mexico have shown.  The ECU flash on the 3.6L 997 turbo is done via the OBDII port.  We are able to read out the full original file with our iFlash system.  Once read out and emailed to us, we do a new tune to enhance the performance of the 997TT from 480bhp to 615bhp!  Writing the file back to the car takes about 10 minutes and is the full 2mb file.  Once the file is complete, you just get in and drive!  There is no need to adapt or adjust.  Since you have the full original, you can flash back to stock at anytime for warranty purposes or just to test the difference.  We usually recommend doing a exhaust system with the ECU flash for maximum performnace.  Watch videos, see pictures, and purchase the Porsche 997 Turbo ECU Flash Here.

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morauto-997-tt-ecu-flash-1  morauto-997-tt-ecu-flash-3   morauto-997-tt-ecu-flash-6 morauto-997-tt-ecu-flash-7 morauto-997-tt-ecu-flash-8






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