More Power out of the Porsche 996 3.4L with VR Tuned

Our friend Chris just did a VR Tuned ECU Flash on his Porsche 996 Carrera 3.4L with us.  This was the car that started us in the Porsche business back in 2005 and we are very dear to it.  The 996 was hated by 993 and earlier 911 owners because of the headlight design.  But as the first water cooled 911, this thing was a huge change.  What these 996 Carrera need is improved low end.  The ECU flash really opens up the torque curve and gives the gas pedal the response it should have.  Of course for those taking their cars to the track, when you are in the upper RPMs, the car will rev like a GT3!  Running race cats?  No problem we do a decat file for these as well.  Order your VR Tuned 996 Carrera ECU Flash Here.


IMG_0002 IMG_0005

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