We have been busy here putting together new products so that no matter what vehicle you have, we can tune your setup.  With a primary focus in the German automobiles such as Porsche, BMW, Audi, and Mercedes, our product line covers almost 1000 vehicle platforms.

VR Tuned offers 4 different types of tuning products:

  • The OBDII ECU Flash – This product is done with our iFlash application and the supplied OBDII connector.  This software allows you to read and write via the OBDII port using a PC based laptop.  Super convenient as a DIY and done for many popular applications as seen here.
  • Mail-in Bench Flashing – Some ECU’s cannot be tuned via the OBDII port.  So we have the ability to flash your ECU on the bench.  This process requires your ECU to be removed and mailed in to us.  We dont solder anything as it is all done via bungey pins and connectors.  See Bench Flash Tunes here.
  • The Auto Flash TCU Tuning – TCU tuning is not something most people are familiar with.  That is why we put this FAQ together on why TCU Tuning is beneficial.  This is able to tune fuel, timing, and shifting but does not control boost.  We have tested this on our Porsche 991 Turbo with great results.  See Auto Flash kits here.
  • Tuning Box Kits – These are our newest products.  The Tuning Box Kits are designed for turbocharged vehicles and are a plug and play device that allows you to gain in some cases 100HP without having to touch the factory DME.  These units all use factory connectors and can be installed or removed in 5-45mins.  These are very popular for new applications such as the Mercedes CLA45, BMW M5 F10, and Porsche Panamera Turbo.  View Tuning Box Kits Here.

There are so many applications that our partners and us can offer to vehicles across the world.  Everything from Diesel engines, European variants, and even custom mapping these remotely.  If you dont see it on our site, please check out the application guides below for more info.

Tuning Box Kit Full Catalog List

OBDII ECU Flashing Full Catalog List

Bench Flash Full Catalog List 






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