If you are looking to tune your new Mercedes AMG C450 or GLE450 Coupe to be even faster than it was, VR Tuned has got you covered.  Coming from the factory with 362 horsepower, the V6 twin turbocharged engine is a monster.  Our Tuning Box kits have been proven on many Mercedes vehicles including our own Project CLA45, Project 991 Turbo, and a handful of other cars here at Vivid Racing.  The advantage of a tuning box over a ECU flash is ease of installation, warranty friendly, and it really puts the power to a new level.  The tuning box harness is a plug and play to the OEM sensors including manifold pressure, boost pressure, cam sensor, and fuel rail pressure to deliver a wicked extra 76 horsepower and 97 NM of torque as tested on 98 octane in the UK.  Of course with the dial adjustment on the back as seen here, these work fine for both 91 and 93 octane North America vehicles too.  This power increase puts the AMG 450 at 438 bhp which is still shy of its big brother, the 4.0L C63 turbo at 500+ horsepower.  But take our word for it, your 450 will be no slouch.  Huge improvement in torque and horsepower from the custom tuned map that is loaded to the tuning box.  Need to go in for warranty, just unplug the box or remove the harness.

These are now available for your 2016 Mercedes C450!  Order the Mercedes AMG 450 Tuning Box Here.  Check out the installation instructions here.





2016-mercedes-benz-c450 Mercedes-GLE-450-AMG-Coupe

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